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s2 layout #08 : seafoam.

image preview | live preview

Type: S2
Layout: Flexible Squares
Tested in: Firefox, Internet Explorer
Account types: Basic, plus, paid
Ad compatibility: Horizontal, vertical (edit here)
Credit: Required

Note: The navigation links will not show up automatically. You need to add them to your link list and then make sure to include that within your sidebar.

Question? Ask here, not in this entry. Also check FAQ.

Installation instructions
Switching layout to Flexible Squares
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Apply one of the themes (it doesn't matter which one).

Turning on sidebar (if not on)
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Choose "2 Column (sidebar on left)."

Pasting code for layout
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Make the three top dropdowns say "No."
- In "Custom stylesheet" section, paste the code. Do not alter if you are unfamiliar with CSS or HTML!
- Click "Save Changes."

CSS code

Code for Firefox users

Code for IE users

(To use a header of your own, simply make an image with a width of 600 pixels, upload it, and then edit the "headerimage" code at the bottom of the above.)
Tags: layouts: flexible squares, layouts: s2, layouts: sidebar
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