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tutorial #01 : how to install an s1 layout.

This will (hopefully) help you figure out how to create and use an S1 layout. Some steps may also have screenshots so you can see a more detailed image of what to do. (You can view this by clicking on "(see bigger)" underneath a thumbnail.

If you have a question, ask it at this entry. Do not ask in a reply to this layout's entry - I will not answer!

1. Find the layout number on the you wish to use on the entry where the layout is located. Copy it.

2. (a) Go to your edit style page. Click "create a style".

(b) If you are creating a layout for your main journal page, select the bullet next to "Most Recent Events". If you are creating a friends page, select "Friends View".

(see bigger)

3. (a) Do not change the dropdown menu! Leave it on "(None, or other below:)".

(b) In the small textarea next to "Or, enter a non-system public Style ID#:", paste the number of the layout you wish to use. Do not paste the # symbol - only the actual number. (Please note that both numbers will be different; you cannot enter the same number on the "Friends View" as you did on "Most Recent Events". It won't work.) Scroll down and click the "Create Style" button.

4. You will be taken to a page that says, "Your style has been created and has been temporarily named yourusername-lastn-new. You can begin editing it by pressing the button below." (It will say "yourusername-friends-new" if you've created a friends page.) Click the "Edit Style" button.

(see bigger)

5. (a) You will want to change the name of your layout. You can do this in the textarea following "Description". (If you don't change it, you will not be able to create any other new styles.) A good idea for a name is something like "paintedlayouts" or the name of the layout ("top trio", "linear", etc.).

(b) You can then click the checkbox by "Color Free?", but you really don't need to. Do not click the box next to "Public?". Your layout will still be viewable to the public without checking it, but it keeps others from copying your layout. (If anyone asks you for the style number of your layout, refer them to appleleaf instead.)

(see bigger)

6. If there is an area for your to write your own text, you will want to edit it. You can do this by searching for "personal text" (on IE, it's "Edit" on the top toolbar, and then "Find"). This will take you to the area. But if you don't know HTML, only edit the text between <!--begin personal text--> and <!--end personal text-->. After you're done editing your layout, you can click the "Save Style" button at the bottom of the page.

(see bigger)

7. Now to make the layout show up on your journal. If you are currently using an S2 layout, go to the customize page and under "Choose style system" switch it to "Old system (S1)" and click "Change". Then go to the modify journal page. Under "Page Layout Style", use the dropdown menu next to "Most Recent Events" (or "Friends View") to find the name of the journal layout you've just made. Select it, then scroll down and click "Save Changes".

Your layout should work now!

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