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s2 layout #11 : choices

As I'm sure most of you remember, I recently asked you in a poll what colors you'd like to see on a layout. The winning colors were green and purple, but since blue was a close second to both, I decided to use it as an accent color.

image preview | live preview

image preview | live preview

Type: S2
Layout: Flexible Squares
Tested in: Firefox
Account types: Basic, plus, paid
Ad compatibility: Horizontal, between entries
Credit: Required

Notes about this layout
- The bar at the top with the userpic and text is actually your sidebar. Only those two items will show up there, even if you activate others. The text is your "blurb," which you can edit here.

Installation instructions

Switching layout to Flexible Squares
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Apply one of the themes (it doesn't matter which one).

Turning on sidebar (if not on)
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Choose "2 Column (sidebar on left)."

Pasting code for layout
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Make the three top dropdowns say "No."
- In "Custom stylesheet" section, paste the code. Do not alter if you are unfamiliar with CSS or HTML!
- Click "Save Changes."

CSS code

Code for light layout

Code for dark layout
Tags: layouts: flexible squares, layouts: s2, layouts: top bar
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