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heroine pretend ☂


  1. All previous layout entries are now PUBLIC!
  2. I'm redoing the tags in order to make finding layouts & entries easier.
  3. The site I had used to upload my images at (photos.cx) has shut down, so I will be reuploading all the images. This will take time and, unfortunately, you will have to alter your layouts in order to make the images work again. I sincerely apologize for the trouble.
  4. While reuploading images, I will be removing the "paintedlayouts" text! It's ugly and unnecessary because...
  5. From now on, credit is required. It's very simple to do, and I will post a tutorial on various ways to credit.
  6. It's very possible that this community will be renamed. If it is, you will not have to do anything. You do not have to remove the community and readd it under its new name. You also do not have to change your links because paintedlayouts will still direct you to this community, whatever its name. I'm letting you know ahead of time so that no one freaks out if/when the name "paintedlayouts" disappears from your friends list.
  7. The reason this community's name will be changing is because my plan is to make this community not only hold my LJ layouts, but also icons and graphics. (Also because "paintedlayouts" was just something I came up with while moving my S1 layouts to LJ from my domain, paintedeyes.org, not knowing this would be a longterm project.)
Thank you all for your support and membership over the years! You guys are awesome!!
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