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s2 layout #10 : boxy

I don't have Photoshop on this computer, so no image preview. One day I'll have a working computer, I swear.

image preview | live preview

Type: S2
Layout: Flexible Squares
Tested in: Firefox, Internet Explorer (may not look right in IE)
Account types: Basic, plus, paid
Ad compatibility: Not tested because I don't know where to change them
Credit: Preferred, not required

Installation instructions

Switching layout to Flexible Squares
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Apply one of the themes (it doesn't matter which one).

Turning on sidebar (if not on)
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Choose "2 Column (sidebar on left)."

Pasting code for layout
- Click here (opens in new window).
- Make the three top dropdowns say "No."
- In "Custom stylesheet" section, paste the code. Do not alter if you are unfamiliar with CSS or HTML!
- Click "Save Changes."

CSS code

Code for pink layout

The following palette was used on this layout:
Color by COLOURlovers
Tags: layouts: flexible squares, layouts: s2, layouts: sidebar
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